UNITRAY's new meal distribution trolley defines new standards of quality - ACENDIS News 10/2018


Perfect solutions with UNITRAY, the new meal distribution trolley defining new standards of quality

Rational Production has produced UNITRAY that enhances the safety and the ease of use of the operator and reduces the management costs in order to maintain the best and most hygienic temperature of hot and cold foods. UNITRAY thermo-refrigerated trolley with onboard technology is designed for our customers who prefer a new generation of systematic meal distribution trolley for their hospitals and the comfort of their patients.


A new design and new materials, together with an innovative manufacturing technology, define new product standards, combining shades of colour and essential forms to create solutions that blend in perfectly with any environment.


The most compact trolley of its capacity on the market. The new generation UNITRAY occupies 12% less space, and is 6% lighter, reducing the space and effort required to manoeuvre the trolley. All the accessories are built-in to the lower product compartments.


The trolley displays the highest performance levels in its category, allowing it to be used in all kinds of applications: C/S (cook & serve), C/C (cook & chill) and C/F (cook & freeze).


Exceptional resilience and sturdiness guaranteed by the new design with its all-round frame make the trolley suitable for use even in heavy duty environments.


The push handle has been designed to protect the user's hands from potential damage. The special door closure system guarantees that the trolley can be opened from within, in compliance with the safety legislation in force.


The new manufacturing technology, and the materials used, enable all parts of the product to be replaced, making the trolley easier to maintain, guaranteeing a longer life cycle and increasing the eco-sustainability of the product.


Optimal push handle grip and position. Large colour display with user-friendly interface. Power cable positioned in the compartment custom-built into the side of the trolley, and optionals integrated into the lower product compartments, so that they are not in the operator's way.


Easy to clean, thanks to the flush surfaces and wide angles at which they open out, both internally and externally.


The design solutions adopted guarantee a product that is simple to maintain, and prolong the life of the product, bringing about a significant reduction in the management costs.


Thanks the optionals and accessories developed specifically for UNITRAY, it ensures maximum flexibility.

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We are glad to have positive feedbacks about UNITRAY trolleys from our customers. Acıbadem Hospitals Group and American Hospital, Istanbul are one of the leading hospitals in Turkey that preferred to use the new UNITRAY trolleys. We will continue to assist our customers to reduce the costs of their food delivery system and achieve maximum patient satisfaction, ease of use and hygiene in this field as well.

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