ACENDIS is the exclusive partner in Turkey of French company SuperSonic Imagine - ACENDIS News 09/2018


Premium Ultrasonic System with High Resolution and Exceptional Image Quality: SuperSonic Imagine‘s Aixplorer® Mach 30

As ACENDIS, we are excited about to be the exclusive partner in Turkey of French company SuperSonic Imagine which is an innovative company in the field of ultrasound imaging systems. SuperSonic Imagine's newest product, Aixplorer® Mach 30 offers a wide range of solutions in the fields of general imaging, breast, hepatology / gastroenterology , vascular and research and draws a successful graph of the diversity of clinical researches.

UltraFast Imaging - SuperSonic Imagine's Aixplorer® is a revolutionary ultrasound system with an UltraFast platform that can acquire images 200 times faster than conventional ultrasound systems.

Real-Time ShearWave Elastography, Real-time ShearWave Elastography - pioneered by SuperSonic Imagine, allows physicians to visualize and quantify the stiffness of tissue in a real-time, reliable, and reproducible manner.

Angio PL.U.S. - PLanewave UltraSensitive imaging - Angio PL.U.S. provides a new level of microvascular imaging through significantly improved color sensitivity and spatial resolution while maintaining exceptional 2D imaging. Angio PL.U.S. leverages the combination of ultrafast imaging and 3D wall filtering to create a leap in ultrasound Doppler imaging performance. Thanks to its ability to detect microvascularization in different types of lesions this new mode could open the door to added clinical information and diagnostic perspectives, in both benign and malignant lesions.

TriVu - Aixplorer is now the only ultrasound system that offers TriVu, a cutting edge real-time simultaneous imaging mode never seen before. TriVu combines B-mode, SWE and Color+ imaging, allowing physicians to visualize anatomy, tissue stiffness, and blood flow in the breast tissue concurrently. This unique mode also allows clinicians access to vascularization-guided measurement of tissue stiffness.

Needle PL.U.S. - The latest innovation and exclusively available on Aixplorer Ultimate,the Needle PL.U.S. enables you to visualize both biopsy needles and anatomical structures in real time with unrivaled precision, and also predict where the needle is supposed to go. You save time, gain in comfort and reliability.

UltraFast Doppler - UltraFast Doppler combines Color Flow Imaging and Pulsed Wave Doppler into one simple exam, providing physicians with exam results simultaneously and helping to increase patient throughput.

MultiWave Technology - presents impeccable images with extraordinary features.

SuperRes - Aixplorer offers powerful proprietary adaptive image processing techniques to reduce speckle and enhance borders without compromising spatial resolution. Novel to the industry, SuperRes offers four levels of adjustment to improve conspicuity of tissue.

TissueTuner - all tissue is different and Aixplorer recognizes this. TissueTuner offers you five settings of tissue density to adjust the system's parameters to accurately match the speed of sound in the tissue. TissueTuner increases lateral and contrast resolution, resulting in sharper borders and a better delineation of normal and abnormal structures.

SuperCompound -never before has spatial compounding been so clear and fast. This technology combines multiple angles to provide images with incredible definition and continuity of tissue borders, reduced speckle and amazing contrast resolution. Aixplorer's breakthrough imaging allows for uncompromised image quality, even while in Color Flow.

Tissue Harmonic Imaging - our broadband technology delivers extremely high resolution Tissue Harmonic Imaging which significantly reduces image artifacts and provides better contrast resolution.

AUTO TGC - with one touch button, you instantly optimize the gain for the entire image. Time Gain Compensation has a new configuration with algorithms that are tissue specific and set-up options that are user-friendly. If more precise control is desired, Aixplorer has a patented ManualTouch TGC control right on the touch screen.

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging (CEUS) - enables the assessment of micro and macro-vascular blood flow, beyond the capabilities of conventional ultrasound Doppler-based modes.

Color and Power Doppler - broadband Color and Power Doppler provide ultra-sensitive flow imaging in both superficial and deep structures. In addition, Simultaneous Mode gives you the ability to view both live B-mode and Pulsed Wave Doppler at the same time.

The cutting edge compact design, intuitive control and touch panels, ultra lightweight transducers and cables are just some of the features incorporated to help make your working conditions optimal.

Angio PlusDirectional Color Power Imaging

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