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GREINER GmbH - Tradition meets modernity

GREINER has been a professional, reliable and trusted partner to ACENDIS for many years. Together we have successfully implemented countless projects and will continue to do so in the future. Which is why we've decided to take a closer look at the firm that has been in existence for almost a century.

GREINER GmbH was founded in 1922 near Stuttgart. GREINER is a family firm and one of the leading manufacturers of seats and chairs for specific applications. From styling and shampooing chairs to ergonomic car seats and medical couches and chairs, GREINER GmbH offers high-quality interiors for professional use. The focus is on equipment for hospitals, medical practices, hairdressing salons and vehicles. The firm's success is founded on a balanced understanding of business and values, based on quality, expertise, design, partnership and sustainability.

We interviewed Kristina Greiner, Managing Director of GREINER GmbH, about the history of the firm, its services, latest product innovations and its activities in the Turkish market:

A: GREINER GmbH was founded 95 years ago and has been managed by the Greiner family ever since. What particularly impresses you about the success story of your firm?

The firm is currently run by my father Siegfried Greiner (3rd generation) and myself. Each generation has developed the firm and moved it forward. It makes me incredibly proud to be the 4th generation of the family to be able to manage and develop the firm. It means new challenges every day, but also a great deal of fun every day!

A: How did it come about that your firm started by designing and producing medical couches and chairs?

GREINER has been producing chairs for hairdressers very successfully since the 1950s. In the 70s, we were frequently asked by doctors and hospitals to modify these existing hairdressing chairs with little changes and by adding accessories for their use. We quickly recognised the demand, and began the first specific developments for medical chairs in-house in the 1970s.

Headquarter of GREINER GmbH in Pleidelsheim near Stuttgart

A: To which areas are GREINER medical chairs particularly well suited and what features make them stand out from the market?

With the MULTILINE NEXT IT product we have created a new chair for infusion and transfusion treatments, which is far superior to other products on the market thanks to its small footprint and high level of comfort. The MULTILINE NEXT DC has been designed for dialysis and oncology use, setting new standards of comfort for lengthy treatments in the sitting and sleeping positions. The armrest can be adjusted to suit the patient and has a patent pending. The quiet and fast motors move patients to the right position quickly and comfortably. GREINER has devised a new chair concept for outpatient surgery with the MULTILINE NEXT AC, which is spurring many hospitals to replace their current beds and invest in this highly flexible "bed chair". Some minimally invasive procedures can be performed on the chair, without the patient having to be moved after the surgery. GREINER has an extensive and very attractive range of couches and chairs for ENT departments and for transporting patients within hospitals. The product range is supplemented by stools and couches designed for treating obese patients. GREINER also offers a wide range of products for blood withdrawal. Quality, durability and the highest patient comfort are at the heart of all developments of GREINER products. The firm only uses carefully selected materials, which are also easy to clean and disinfect.

A: Where is GREINER active and successful around the world with its medical chairs?

GREINER supplies the products worldwide through specialist stockists. Exports account for more than 60 %. The biggest growth markets at the moment are Africa, Asia and the Middle East. We are represented in many hospitals in Europe with multiple products across diverse medical departments

A: A large part of last year's success is surely down to the collaboration with ACENDIS. Many large private hospitals in Turkey have also chosen GREINER products. How did the collaboration between GREINER and ACENDIS arise?

GREINER has already been working with ACENDIS for many years. In Turkey specifically, we and ACENDIS have supplied many hospitals with our therapy couches and treatment chairs over the last few years. ACENDIS has done a sterling job representing GREINER products and their quality in Turkey and has positioned GREINER successfully there. The Turkish hospitals have been impressed by the high quality of the patients' resting comfort and the durability of GREINER's products.

A: What is Greiner's set-up for the Turkish market (products/sales)?

Our medical products are sold exclusively through our partner ACENDIS, with whom we have enjoyed a friendly, cooperative relationship for many years. ACENDIS employees regularly undergo intensive training in GREINER's customer centre, learning about all our product developments. Additionally, the ACENDIS service engineers are certified to look after our products in Turkey.

A: Is there a particular focus on one of your products at the moment? What is your most innovative model in the medical sector?

With the MULTILINE NEXT AC we have developed a highly innovative and new product concept, which we are currently launching worldwide with a lot of focus. This highly flexible chair for outpatient procedures is sure to be a focus product in Turkey too over the next few years. More and more hospitals are focussing on outpatient surgery and are building up their capacities accordingly. In the future, GREINER will also be winning over customers internationally with a broad range of products designed with an emphasis on patient positioning for lengthy dialysis treatments and oncology therapies.

Many thanks Ms Greiner for your detailed answers and exciting information about your firm and its products. We are delighted to keep offering the products of GREINER GmbH to our customers and are proud of our trusting, cooperative relationship.

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MULTILINE NEXT AC - Mobile patient chair for outpatient surgery

This new chair meets the patient positioning and mobilisation challenges posed by the growing number of outpatient operations. It is ideal for surgical preparation, transporting patients to and from the operating theatre, positioning after surgery and deployment in the recovery room after anaesthesia. Ergonomics, functionality, mobility and patient comfort form a unique combination of chair and couch. Complete ease of access and simple disinfection ensure maximum hygiene. The MULTILINE NEXT AC can also be installed in small spaces where conventional beds will not fit.

Read more: www.greiner-gmbh.de

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MULTILINE NEXT IT - Chair for infusion and transfusion

This compact chair meets the specific needs of oncology day hospitals, infusion medicine and transfusion medicine. It combines space-saving design with the comfort and security of fully equipped models. Patients and those caring for them enjoy the full range of amenities and features, with the chair quickly conveying patients into the most suitable position for therapy. With a seat width of 60 cm and the perpendicular angle of the leg section, it can be used as a chair. The comfortable, extra soft upholstery, patient-friendly armrests that support therapy and a wide range of fittings make the MULTILINE NEXT IT a next-generation chair.

Read more: www.greiner-gmbh.de

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