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Modular, Hygienic and Integrated Solutions for Your Operating Rooms

Our primary goal is to produce solutions that offer the best surgical conditions in the operating room for better clinical outcomes. As in other fields technology has driven operating room design since the earliest times. That technology may have been “low tech,” such as access to prevailing light or proximity to patient floors. Or it may have been “high tech,” such as voice activated controls, robotic devices, and incorporation of the developing science of ergonomics, almost instantaneous computerized access to medical databases for reference to records and the latest information on disease management and new ultrasound and fluoroscopy technologies.
The technologies that guide the design of today's modern operating theaters are pointing to the Modular Operating Room Concept. Modular operating theaters have a number of advantages over conventional operating theaters.

Medicana Kadıköy Hospital preferred ACENDIS as Partner


Custom fit for new construction or renovation, weeks of savings on install


Easily modified resulting in minimal downtime and maximal revenue


All-In-One System,no Fit + Finish or Additional Wall Protection, Impenetrable Wall System. In this new system, there is no need to paint the walls regularly.


The cleanest and safest environment for patients and staff and flush mounted accessories


The materials used for this system are environment friendly because they do not contain radioactive and toxic substances.

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Medicana Kadıköy Hospital preferred ACENDIS as Partner

Medicana Kadiköy Hospital, the new hospital of Medicana Hospitals Group began to give service in Istanbul with 81 patient beds, 40 outpatient clinics and examination rooms, modern adult and newborn intensive care units, advanced technologically designed operating theaters, patient and patient relatives rooms which are kept at maximum level of comfort and safety, high level radiological imaging devices, disabled patient rooms as well as isolation rooms.

The modular operating theater concept of Medicana Kadıköy Hospital moves this hospital forward from another hospitals. Our company applying the new modular operating theater concept in hospitals in Turkey and abroad offered the modular operating room solutions for the operation rooms of Medicana Kadıköy Hospital. We have also undertaken the supply and the installation of medical equipments for the operating rooms, outpatient clinics, adult and newborn intensive care and patient rooms. We would like to thank the hospital administration for their trust in us.

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We participated in national congresses held in the areas of ophthalmology and anesthesia

Mikro Optik, as part of the ACENDIS Family, participated in the TOD 51st National Congress organized by the Turkish Ophthalmology Association between 24.-29. October 2017 at Antalya Titanic Belek Hotel Congress Center. In this event, which has been the largest TOD organization, scientific and technical developments in ophthalmology have been covered in courses like 'subspeciality', which was highly appreciated in its first application last year and in Unit Advanced Training Programs (BILP) and in other scientific sessions. The foreign speakers gave a novel touch to the event and sponsoring companies gave support to the event as well.

In order to closely follow the latest developments in anesthesia and reanimation, ACENDIS participated in the 51st Turkish Congress of Turkish Anesthesiology and Reanimation in Rixos Sungate Hotel - Antalya between 25.-29. October 2017. Perioperative Medicine, a very important area in terms of patient safety, survival, early recovery and the evaluation of the benefits and costs has been the center of gravity of the scientific programs of the event. Approximately 1,500 physicians and nearly 200 speakers attended the event to discuss the most recent innovations in the field of anesthesia and reanimation. In addition to the intensive scientific program, the concerts of Fazıl Say and Serenad Bağcan which are the parts of the social program of the event, were met with great pleasure by the participants.

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