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Next Gen Operating Table MOT6000S I from German company Medifa®

Medifa Operating table MOT6000SGerman company Medifa® has been producing operating tables for hospitals and clinics for over 30 years, and ACENDIS is extremely happy to present you, our valued customers, with their newest product - Operating Table MOT6000S I. Designed and manufactured solely in Germany, this product offers patients and users maximum comfort and hygiene due to its functional design and superior technical capabilities.

Medifa Operating table MOT6000S Medifa Operating table MOT6000S Medifa Operating table MOT6000S
  • Capacity to bear patients up to 544 kg / 1200 lb in every position
  • Electric mobilisation capability (optional)
  • Longitudinal sliding function of up to 400 mm on the upper table.
  • Tabletop with X-ray tunnel for conventional radiography (optional)
  • Electric pedestal movement (optional)
  • Capability to adjust positions from either the head or foot

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ACENDIS has accelerated activities in Saudi Arabia with iDeal iDea

ACENDIS is now working together in Saudi Arabia with iDeal iDea, a company which has been supplying medical equipment and delivering services for hospital projects in the country with 15 years of experience. Through joint working with iDeal iDea, ACENDIS continues to expand its area of activity in the Saudi Arabian medical sector.

Saudi Arabia ranks first out of all the Middle Eastern countries which are experiencing rapid development in the health field and have a great potential for more development. The country’s medical sector offers new possibilities to foreign investors every day, not only due to its national stability but also because of government programmes like the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Programme 2020, which incorporate important developments in the medical field.

We as ACENDIS aim to inject the experience and expertise we gained from our worldwide hospital projects into new hospital projects delivered together with iDeal iDea, our new exclusive local partner for Saudi Arabia.

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