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Smart and Innovative Designs with the Awarded Patient Beds of Wissner-Bosserhoff

Wissner-Bosserhoff group’s headquarter is located in Germany and has been providing innovative and high quality patient beds and furniture solutions for the hospitals, nursing homes and other inpatient care institutes. While developing its new products, the Wissner-Bosserhoff company has been taking the latest technologies and the newest design developments into the consideration and using the most efficient and effective production and procurement processes in a customer focused manner. Our company, ACENDIS, providing the best and most proper solutions for the hospital projects, has been collaborating for long years with the Wissner-Bosserhoff company, the leading company in its field of activities, and supplying modern patient beds to the most of the advanced hospitals in Turkey.

The Company, Wissner-Bosserhoff, has been awarded with the German Brand Award

German Brand Award 2016

Wissner-Bosserhoff has added a new one to its awards received. German Brand Award is an award given in field of Successful Brand Management in Germany, and this award purposes to explore, promote and award the breakthrough trademarks and the producers of these trademarks. This award has been given in the field of design for the first time in this year and the company, Wissner-Bosserhoff, became one of the companies, awarded in the field of Medical & Health.

The jury has appreciated the campaign nets conducted by the Wissner-Bosserhoff company, using effective corporate communications, in both directions first to gain new customers and then, to convince the existing customers about the new products and technologies efficiently. Moreover, the company won extra points, as the company has also been using the methods such as search engine marketing to optimize the supply volume, beside the use of classic methods such as product advertisements and email sending etc. Company’s activities, focused on the target population and carried out on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Xing etc., have accomplished these methods, together with the company’s new blog: www.pflege-today.de. These efforts bring the company to the leading position in its sector.

3 in 1 Advantages with the Washable Patient Bed, Image 3-W

Image-3-W Winning Awards

Image 3-W is a washable patient bed, providing a safe, low caring position. With the help of its smart product design, it makes easier and improves the provision of hygiene services and to fulfil the hygiene requirements, required for the daily work conditions.
Image 3-W does not only meet the AK-BWA requirements, but it is also a durable patient bed, which has been exposed to a series of comprehensive tests in the professional large wash machines of Miele brand, at the same time, and it has successfully passed these test.

  • 3 stopping options
  • Fifth transport wheels, located in the center
  • SafeFree®: concept of the side guards
  • Hotel level design

Eleganza-2, Acute Care Patient Bed


The acute care patient bed, Eleganza-2, determines the new standards from the safety, workmanship and design aspects. It has also the feature of being the first in its field, with its innovative functions, smart details and usability in each clinic.

  • Side guards maximize patient’s movability
  • Patient becomes able to adjust the bed’s height according to his/her own needs, using the Mobi-Lift® Function button, integrated to the side guards, located at the head side of the bed
  • Maximum safety with the specific features such as side guards, designed to prevent the falling down from the bed, and brake alarm and lightening feature.
  • Safety state indicator
  • Platform for plastic bed linen

And together with many more additional features, Eleganza-2 provides maximal usage easiness for the patients and personnel.

Multicare, Intensive Care Patient Bed


Multicare beds have been specially designed for the intensive care units. It provides assistance to maintain the vital signals and lightens the workload of the health personnel assigned in the intensive care unit.

  • More oxygenation with the Automatic Lateral Treatment option
  • Easy and safe use with the help of the lateral tilting feature
  • Increase in breathing function with the orthopnea chair feature
  • i-Drive Power: Motorized patient transport
  • Wide ranged comprehensive safety concept with the i-Brake and Multi Zone Bed Exit alarms
  • Thanks to the Ergoframe system, it prevents the formation of bedsores
  • Patient’s weight is regularly being measured with the automatic weighing instrument
  • Integrated X-ray and C-handle scanning
  • Sanitized® hygiene technology

Patient Beds of Wissner Bosserhoff have received Full Marks from the Advanced Hospitals in Turkey

Wissner Bosserhoff’s patient beds, which we, as the company ACENDIS, supply to the health sector in Turkey, have been chosen and preferred by the advanced hospitals in Turkey, such as Liv Hospital, Avrasya Hospital, Yeditepe University Hospital, Private Koru Hospital, Private Hatem Hospital and Bahceci In-Vitro Fertilization Center. The management and personnel of the related hospitals have explained that they are very happy because of the usage comfort, hygiene and hotel level designs, provided by these patient beds. Such positive and affirmative feedbacks, received from customers, make us, as the ACENDIS family, very happy.

Please contact our team to obtain more details about the Wissner Bosserhof’s patient beds.

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We, as ACENDIS, have participated in the Euroanaesthesia 2016, the largest anaesthesia Congress in Europe

With our new ACENDIS patient bedside monitors, we have participated in the Euroanaesthesia 2016, which is the largest congress in the field of anaesthesia in Europe. This event, held in the London city of England between the dates of May 28 and 30, 2016, had been visited by more than 6.000 visitors. In this international platform, visited by the participants from more than 80 countries, it has been focused on the anaesthesia, intensive care, pain science and emergency medicine.

We have exhibited our ACENDIS modular patient bedside monitors APM 500 PRO and ACENDIS APM-700 / 700 XL and our ACENDIS multi-parameter patient bedside monitor APM-400 at our stand in the London Exhibition Center (ExCel) and our patient bedside monitors have attracted great interest. It has been a great honor for us to introduce our new devices and beside that, we are also very happy for being able to develop new connections with the persons and companies, having visited our stand in this event.

Euroanaesthesia 2016 in London Euroanaesthesia 2016 in London

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