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Your Operation Room is at Your Finger Tip with the S-CAPE Smart Operating Room Integration Systems

ACENDIS and S-CAPE®, one of the German leading companies in the field of digital operating room integration systems, have been providing the smart digital operating room concept, which is a new technology in the world, to the use of our country’s health sector.

The German company S-CAPE® has designed the first "in-wall" independent Medical Multiconsole in the year of 2003 and provided to the use of the health sector and the digital operating room solutions of the German company S-CAPE® are being successfully applied and used in more than 1.000 hospitals in 50 countries, with other words, nearly in 5.000 hospitals.

The Central Integrated System

S-CAPE It is from now on possible to use the system more effectively, more speedy and more easily, as the central integrated system includes within its structure all hardwares and softwares, which are required for a smart operating room.

Access and direct integration to the PACS and hospital data system (HDS) and laboratory data systems is achieved with the help of the HL7 protocol in/from the operating rooms. With the help of this system, any equipment to view all of the data related to a patient is able to be positioned in a way, so that the surgeons can reach and access these devices very quickly and easily.

Patient Data Are Being Recorded and Archived More Easily And Effectively

Recordings can be taken from all medical devices with camera functionality (including even the security cameras) inside the operating room. All of the medical data during the operation of a patient can be recorded and archived very easily, with the help of this system.

Flexible Solutions

S-CAPE is able to provide very flexible solutions to the users, as the S-CAPE company has been designing and producing both of the softwares and hardwares of these systems within its own company structure.

Quick Access To The Recorded Data and Effective Data Management

All of the necessary works such as management of the video recordings taken from the operations and the delivery of these video recordings to the PACS server or to a specific server and the other activities such as archiving, using these video recordings in the teleconferences and for video streaming purposes are being provided and achieved in a very effectively and quickly way.

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S-CAPE Medical Multiconsole and Computer Systems are being used in more than 1.000 hospitals in 50 countries

The digital operating room solutions, provided by the S-CAPE company, established in Germany in the year of 1991, are being successfully used in the European countries including Germany, Austria and Swiss and also in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Southeast Asia countries and in the leading hospitals of Turkey. We, as ACENDIS, are happy and proud to announce that we have been providing the digital operating room solutions of S-CAPE to the totally 80 operating rooms located in the public and private hospitals in Turkey.
Our customers, having initially asked us to develop a configuration at the starter level, have now been developing their systems module by module at this moment and asking for more advanced features. Herewith, we would like to mention the following hospitals as our references: Acibadem Hospitals, Medicalpark Hospitals, Liv Hospital Ankara and Private Derindere Hospitals and the public hospitals namely Gazi University and the Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital.

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ACENDIS has participated in the 7th “Common Solutions In The Health Meeting” organized by the Association of the Private Hospitals and Health Establishments (OHSAD).

The Seventh of the Common Solutions In The Health Meetings” were held this year in the Sueno Hotels Deluxe Belek in Antalya between the dates of 13th and 17th of April 2016 and the General Assembly of the Association of the Private Hospitals and Health Establishments (OHSAD) has gathered the top names from the public and private sectors in Turkey. Our company, ACENDIS, has participated as a sponsor in the Gala Night and the Complimentary Food and Drink House. Representatives form the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Health, Social Security Institution, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Development, Private Hospitals, Public Hospitals, University Hospitals, Health Institutes and Insurance Companies have participated in this event, in order to evaluate and review the developments experienced in the health sector.

Many actual issues related to the health sector, such as courses, panels and common sense meetings, have been discussed and considered in this event. This event attracted a great deal of attention and in the meantime, the stand of ACENDIS has also received intense interest of the participants.

7. OHSAD Kurultayi Basariyla Tamamlandi
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