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SIMEON BusinessLine – Perfect Illumination, Unique Use Comfort

Our company, ACENDIS, has been continuing to provide new solutions for your surgery and operating rooms, together with our solution partner SIMEON in surgical and medical illumination. The patented reflector and multicolor technology in the BusinessLine series have been started to be serially produced in the last quarter of the year 2015 and brought one step forward by SIMEON.

SIMEON BusinessLine series, thanks to their functionality, flexibility, durability and modern technology, can be very comfortably used in every surgery rooms. The SIMEON BusinessLine offers limitless combinations of Sim. LED 450, Sim. LED 500 and Sim. LED 700 surgical lights in single and multicolor, with and without cameras.

Shapes of different Sim.LED combination setups

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Advantages of the New SIMEON BusinessLine Surgical Lights

The patented reflectors, minimizing shadow creation, are continued to be used also on the new surgical lights of BusinessLine series, developed by SIMEON. Thanks to the 3 LED lamps positioned at an angle of 120°, the patented reflectors provide homogenous and effective beam of light on the focused area and without causing any shadow. Kelvin heat adjustment, called as “Multicolor” technology, has been brought to the foreground more specifically in the BusinessLine series. SIMEON has and provides the largest scale in the Kelvin heat adjustment technology, comparing to its competitors.

Header control panels used on the SIMEON BusinessLine series have been designed in a way to provide maximum benefits. We have taken a giant step to meet the requirements of the end-users, with the memory key to save the adjustments special to the specific surgery operations, Kelvin adjustment key, electronical focus adjustment facility, light density adjustment, optional “synchronization” feature, which makes it possible to control also the other header from one header and the lamp of new design, which provide ambient enlightening in the endoscopic surgery operations with its “SimBiance” features.

Sim.LED setup with Monitor

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Number of Hospitals, preferring and using SIMEON lamps, are being increased day by day

SIMEON surgical lamps offer high flexibility thanks to their light-weight lamp headers and provide an perfect quality and eye-friendly light with unique shadow resolution feature, thanks to their modern LED technology and we are proud and pleased to hear the positive comments from our customers, using our products. SIMEON lights are being effectively used in the hospitals both in Turkey and worldwide. As reference hospitals, we can refer to the most advanced hospitals in Turkey such as the Medical Park Hospitals Group, Medicana Hospitals Group, World Eye Hospitals Group and American Hospital of the Koc University and the Apollo Hospitals Group in India and the Clinica San Martino in Italy and the SCM Cracow in Poland.

View of operating theatre with ceiling mounted Sim.LED lamps at Apollo Hospital
Apollo Hospital Group - India
View of operating theatre with ceiling mounted Sim.LED lamps at Clinica San Martino
Clinica San Martino - Malgrate, Italy

Mr. Erkan Dursun, the manager of ACENDIS Surgical and Medical Illumination Department, has underlined that the fundaments of our customers’ preferences for the SIMEON Lamps depend on that the SIMEON Lamps are long-termed investments and that the SIMEON lamps are appropriate to the latest technology and have an infrastructure, which is able to be developed further in the next years and meet any kind of expectations and requirements that can be expected from the illumination devices.

By visiting our ACENDIS website, you can find comprehensive information on the SIMEON’s surgical lamps, offering these features, and on the new BusinessLine series.

View of operating theatre with ceiling mounted Sim.LED lamps at OFM Hospital, Antalya
Private OFM Hospital - Antalya/ Turkey
View of operating theatre with ceiling mounted Sim.LED lamps at SCM Crakow, Poland
SCM Crakow - Crakow/Poland

Please click on here to watch the video of the SIMEON Bsiness Line

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