ACENDIS has been supplying Leoni Plus HFO Ventilators of Heinen + Löwenstein brand, which continues to increase its references each passing day - ACENDIS News 11/2015


New: Leoni Plus with the optional CLAC
(Closed-Loop Automatic Oxygen Control)

Leoni Plus ventilators of the German manufacturer Heinen + Löwenstein brand are being effectively used in the European countries notably in Germany, Sweden, Swiss, Netherlands, Austria and Italy and in many Far East & Middle-East, Arabian and South African countries and in many other countries, such as Canada, Russia, Kenya and Turkey since the year of 2007. Leoni Plus HFO ventilator (ventilation by high-frequency oscillation) applies the HFO + VG features during the high frequency ventilation and accelerates the treatment and healing time of the premature infants effectively.

  • Leoni Plus HFO ventilator is suitable for proper and safe ventilation of children weighing up to 30 kg and also neonates, including premature infants under 2 kg.
  • Healing time of infants, who have serious breathing problems (IRDS patients) and which cannot be bettered in other ventilation modes, are being accelerated, using the HFO mode of Leoni Plus, providing ventilation with the double diaphragm method.
  • Leoni Plus HFO ventilator has a color monitor of 12 inches and it provides the entire important adjustments and values over this monitor at one glance.
  • High level of hygiene thanks to the detachable and autoclavable expiratory valve.
  • During the mode changes, it is able to pass to another mode without stopping the existing mode.
  • In the NIPPV mode, it provides ventilation even for the infants, who have not been intubated yet.

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What did they say for the Leoni Plus HFO?

Specialist Dr. Ali Ahrabi from the intensive care unit of the Antalya Olimpos Hospital: “It is very important that the ventilators, which we use, must provide high level features. Leoni Plus ventilators from the Heinen + Löwenstein are very good synchronized with the spontaneous breathings of the infants and this feature cannot be provided by all ventilators. Leoni Plus is the best device, providing this feature”.

Ilknur Oztürk, clinic education nurse in the Acibadem Atakent Hospital: “We have been using the ventilators of Heinen + Löwenstein in the NICU neonatal intensive care unit. According to my opinion, the most important feature of these ventilators is that they provide the HFO feature together with their other modes. In the HFO mode of these ventilators, we are better able to ventilate the infants, who have serious breathing problems that cannot be bettered in other ventilation modes. Only using just one apparatus, we are easily able to pass to the HFO mode. It is also very useful for us that these ventilators provide all of the required parameters visually over a touch-sensitive monitor. Furthermore, their Expiratory Valves are detachable and this is a very important feature for cleaning purposes and it secures hygiene. These ventilators provide a very useful menu and we are able to perform all adjustments over this menu. We can easily carry out even the adjustment to pass to another mode, without stopping the existing mode. Moreover, these ventilators have and provide also the NIPPV mode. Accordingly, we are able to use this mode to ventilate even the infants, who have not been intubated yet”.

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First edition of the ACENDIS Hospital Journal has met with its readers

Hospital Journal, offered to the health sector by ACENDIS and targeting to create an innovative culture within the medical sector, has met with its readers. In the first edition of this journal, it has been focused on the topics of strategical investments, new trends and advanced technology, including interviews with the sector leaders. In the first edition of our journal, you will also find actual news about sustainability, quality and new opportunities in the biomedical engineering and medical production sector, patient safety and patient satisfaction, health economy and policy, efficient and productive use of resources by the health service providers and planning of research and development studies and the new digital appliances. You can easily reach to and read our journal over our websites located at www.acendis.eu [Download PDF] and www.acendis.com.tr

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