S-CAPE® Medical Multiconsole and Computer Aided Systems by ACENDIS for your Smart Operating Rooms - ACENDIS News 03/2015


S-CAPE® Medical Multiconsole and Computer Aided Systems by ACENDIS for your Smart Operating Rooms

The German company S-Cape®, which designed the first ‘in-wall’ type independent Medical Multiconsole and make it available to the use of health sector, and ACENDIS have joined their powers in the field of digital viewing in the year of 2003. This system enables you to reach your patient’s information and data over the monitors placed in your operating rooms and to directly control these data and provides important facilities with many other unique properties with regards to the use of our surgeons.

System Properties:

  • A centrally integrated system, embodying all of the necessary equipment and software required for a smart operating room, which recognizes the surgeon and helps him/her
  • Direct integratability to the HL7 protocol used in the operating rooms and PACS and hospital information system (HIS) and with the laboratory data systems
  • Ability to take records from all of the medical devices, which have camera function and used inside the operating room (including security cameras)
  • Ability to manage the video records, taken from operations
  • Ability to deliver and archive the videos to/in the PACS server or any other specific server and to make teleconferences and to provide video streaming

Mr. Gürkan Köroğlu, the general manager of ACENDIS, said: ‘Operations performed by our surgeons are able to be recorded and achieved with this innovation, which we added to the surgical technologies in Turkey and in return, it will provide a comprehensive library for the physicians and surgeons in training’. Mr. Gürkan Köroğlu explained that all operations can be saved as a reference guide and resource to be used, whenever required and that these records are furthermore in the quality to support the “Telemedicine” application available inside the ‘Healthcare Reform’ application launched by the Ministry of Health. He highlighted that the operations recorded in our hospitals will accordingly shed light on any other operation of that patient in the future periods.

Please contact our company, ACENDIS, for more detailed information about the S-CAPE® Medical Multiconsole and computer systems.

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From now on, Smart Operating Rooms in Turkey bear the Signature of ACENDIS

The leading private and public hospitals in Turkey have preferred and selected the products offered by our company, namely the S-CAPE® Medical Multiconsole and computer systems, to use in their operating rooms. It makes us very happy to receive affirmative feedbacks related to this system from the hospitals, where the system is being implemented and started to be used effectively by the health personal in the private hospitals, such as in the Acibadem Hospitals, Medicalpark Hospitals, Liv Hospital Ankara and Derindere Private Hospital and in the public hospitals, such as in the Gazi University and Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital.

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