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gbo HiToP® 4 touch

HiToP® 4 touch produced by GBO is a four-channel pain therapy device for local and holistic therapies for different indications – Yet the user interface gives a maximum level of usability: With one single touch you can select a therapy from your personal list of favorites. Simply turning the intensity regulator allows a real quickstart.


  • Brushed aluminum surface and the 15" TFT LC D full color touch screen monitor
  • Modern high-tech design
  • Four independent channels which are being displayed individually
gbo HiToP®4 touch

gbo HiToP® 191 (Diabetes)

This device is a professional home unit for medical muscle stimulation clinically tested for the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy. Like all units of the HiToP® 191 family the 191 is based on the innovative and patented HighTone Therapy. The clinical study “Effective Treatment of symptomatic Diabetic Polyneuropathy by High Frequency External Muscle Stimulation” shows a positive responder rate of HiToP® therapy of 80 % compared to 33 % for conventional electrotherapy.


HiToP® 191
  • Besides the alleviating effect for the metabolism this new therapy allows a extremely comfortable and yet very deep and effective stimulation of the muscle.
  • It is much more effective at reducing pain than conventional electrotherapy
  • It can be used for diabetic polyneuropathy, uremic polyneuropathy and polyneuropathy indications caused by other reasons

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Likamed Likawave shockwave unit with innovative vario logic technology

Due to the intelligently controlled modulation of shockwave intensity and treatment frequency, therapy with the VARIO shockwave is more effective and, at the same time, more gentle than with comparable techniques. Thanks to the application of alternating energy and frequency during a treatment cycle, the cells can regenerate again and again even during the treatment. This avoids the cell destruction that can always result from the onslaught of waves in a linear application.

  • Intuitive handling via 10.4 inch touch screen
  • Pre-programmed VARIO modes or own settings possible
  • Various applicators, individually adjusted to the specific indications
  • Ergonomic, lightweight handheld unit
  • 25 levels of intensity (adjustment of the energy depending on the patient’s sensitivity to pain)
  • Pulse mode 1 – 12 Hz (adjustment of the shockwave frequency to the specific indications)
  • Quick access to easy-to-manage patient database
  • Treatment suggestions for individual indicators via medical e-book with sample applications
  • Modern and sophisticated design
  • As a mobile unit with equipment trolley or a compact tabletops device

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KH DEWERT Multipurpose examination, treatment tables and medical furniture

Dewert produces products such as exercise-rehabilitation-echocardiography tables, wall-mounted opening – closing tables, patient transport stretchers, height adjustable arms and legs holding back stools and supported – unsupported stools and steps for the patients that have been treated on the fields of physical therapy,

obesity, geriatrics, incontinence etc.
The color, hydraulic or electric height adjustability or fixity, mobility with wheels- without wheels, trendelenburg – anti-trendelenburg, flexion positions and angle of each section of the tables can be selected according to the customers’ requests.

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The number of our Turn-Key Hospital Projects continues to increase at an international level

We have added a new hospital “Oforikrom Hospital” in Kumasi, Ghana in West Africa to our international Turn-Key Hospital Projects. For this project we have worked together with Mangel Klicks®, one of the leading companies of Ghana. This new hospital is going to be a multi specialist centre comprising all the various aspects of patient care. It will give service on the fields of obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, neonatology, urology

and assisted fertility. It is a well- equipped hospital with top of the range equipments from ACENDIS, modern digital X-ray and fully equipped laboratory.Flag of Ghana It has 4D scanners that does cardiac echogram and 60 beds to take care of all in patients. It has three well equipped theatres, an intensive care unit and a well equipped neonatal setup with incubators and respirators. We would like to thank the hospital administration for choosing our company ACENDIS.

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ACENDIS partcipated in a series of congresses in November

ACENDIS attended a number of congresses in November. We had the opportunity to introduce our sleep diagnostic concept to the participants in the 15th National Congress of Sleep and 3rd Medicine and Sleep Medicine Technician Congress held in Dalaman, Turkey between 1st – 5th November 2014. We participated in the SASDER III. National Congress held by the Association of Medical Managers and Insurers (SASDER) on 6th – 9th November 2014 in Belek, Antalya, Turkey. In this organisation we exchanged our views about our hospital projects with the congress visitors from different sectors. We also attended the international Medica Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany on 12th – 15th November 2014. This congress brought many medical companies from different medical fields together. And we had the opportunity to follow the latest developments in the medical sector.

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