New ventilation system Elisa 800 and Anesthesia and Sedation System vitaQ by Heinen + Löwenstein - ACENDIS News 09/2014


Heinen + Löwenstein Elisa 800's innovative features


With the PEEP-finder, the determination of the optimal PEEP range point is as easy as setting the respiratory rate.Thanks to its state-of-the-art sensors and high-resolution sampling rate, elisa 800 contains the necessary algorithms for the reliable determination of the inflection points, and accordingly, the necessary PEEP.


The Weaninganalyzer accurately determines a patient’s status in the weaning process and generates a dependable prognosis for their readiness for extubation as the best prevention of complications caused by unnecessary long stays on the ventilator.

The Instant View Technology

The Instant View Technology lets you intuitively understand a patient’s situation, with immediate display of any trends and necessary interventions.

The Easy Access Bar

The Easy Access Bar of the elisa 800 intensive care ventila-tor lets you make the desired settings with accuracy and ease, even in stressful situations. The touchscreen operation gives you intuitively understandable and unmistakable feedback on the value settings. Since all numerical values and setting param-eters are always arranged in the same location, operation is an easy routine that is not error-prone in high-stress situations.

Valve bar

Thanks to the valve bar of the elisa 800, patient-side connec-tions can be quickly replaced, effectively preventing cross-contamination. The expiration sensors no longer need to be calibrated and the costly replacement of disposable sensors has been eliminated, which saves time and ensures economical reuse of parts.

Intelligent Acoustic Alarmsystem

The intelligent acoustic alarm system automatically adjusts the volume of the alarm to the current noise level of the environment.


State-of-the-art power management ensures a safe energy supply even in cases of power failure, voltage fluctuations or lengthy intensive care transports.

FIO2 monitoring

Modern procedures allow for unobtrusive FIO monitoring without any user involvement.

Ultrasonic Nebulization

Medical aerosol delivery by ultrasonic nebulization is considered the gold standard today. Modern ultrasound technology does not affect ventilation therapy, is almost noiseless and the medication can be refilled during operation.

The nebulization is synchronized with the patient‘s inspiration. Therefore, our technology considerably reduces the amount of medication used without compromising treatment efficiency.

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Heinen + Löwenstein's Protective Anesthesia & Sedation System: vitaQ

Clean and intelligent technology

The innovative anesthetic system architecture in combination with a special anesthetic gas supply reduces considerably the usage of volatile anesthetics. At the same time the completely sealed circulation system keeps the total gas usage to a minimum.
vitaQ combines the options of an innovative anesthetic system with the ventilation performance of a modern intensive care respirator. The differentiated peri- or post-operative ventilation of adults, children or newborns can now also be realized in the OP-environment along with non-invasive ventilation.

Maximum Protection

The future begins now with the vitaQ and its modular Xenon module. Xenon can now be cost-efficiently used as an anesthetic and for organ protection. The XeQapp guarantees minimum wastage at maximum speed when floatring with Xenon.

Maximum Safety

Redundant high-performance processors continuously monitor the technical function of the anesthetic system. The power management ensures through multiple technologies a secure energy supply even in cases of power failure. High-quality materials and a modern separable inner circulation system allow a simple hygienic preparation and thereby prevent cross-contamination and nosocomial infection.

Maximum Flexibility

vitaQ is designed as an anesthetic system for daily use. Independent of the clinical level of care, duration of the anesthesia or the risk assessment of the patient, the vitaQ covers the whole spectrum of anesthesia and flexibly adapts to the respective needs.

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ACENDIS offer new solutions for digital networking in cooperation with Sinapsis Medikal

Smart- and user- orientated technologies will dominate the health sector in the future. Thanks to our new cooperation with Sinapsis Medikal we offer new possibilities for your hospital projects. While being a young company, Sinapsis can already show impressive references in its field of work. International clinics in the USA as well as numerous Turkish Hospitals, for example several institutions of the MEDICAL PARK Group, are among the ones who use technologies by Sinapsis.
With iCare, Sinapsis offers a unique solution for the application in all hospital departments. In addition, Sinapsis also offers systems especially designed for special hospital sections: iOR for the OP and iQPACS-RIS for the radiology department. DicomBurner CD Robot and Digital Negatoscope complete the portfolio by offering the possibilities to burn and archive DICOM data and of digital imaging and image-management. We are proud to have a strong partner as Sinapsis, who as ACENDIS is working for: Innovations in Life's Medical Technology

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