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ACENDIS presents state-of-the art MR Compatible Products

ACENDIS offers additional practical solutions with MR compatible medical products. Heinen + Löwenstein anaesthesia device Leon MRI, o-two CAREvent ® MRT automatic transport respirator and the BABY POD II infant transport device are the headliners of our MR compatible products.

Heinen + Löwenstein Leon MRI
Anaesthesia work station

Both the power spectrum and the operation of the leon mri, match exactly, without any restrictions, to those of the already well-established leon. A further major logistical advantage can be found in the compatibility of the compact circuit system with the leon plus, leon and leon mri systems. The position to MRI device is monitored by an integrated magnetic-field strength monitor.

o-two CAREvent® MRI
Automatic transport ventilator

The CAREvent® MRI automatic transport ventilator is a lightweight, portable, durable and simple to use, control module style, automatic time / volume cycled device. It is completely pneumatic (no batteries required) and delivers breath by breath consistency in delivered tidal volume, frequency, inspiratory / expiratory times and flow rates. This consistency is not achievable with a bag-valve-mask resuscitator and prevents gastric inflation and high intrathoracic pressure.

BABY POD II Infant Transport Device

BABY POD II is a groundbreaking device in infant transport thanks to its safe und flexible structure. The Baby Pod II weighs only 9.5 kg and is intended for infants up to 8 kilograms. The Baby Pod II uses technology, materials, and design features that protect Formula 1 race car drivers from injury during a crash. The external shell of the pod is manufactured from carbon-fire with no metal components, allowing the infant to have an MRT, CT scan, or X-Ray while remaining safely in the pod. Beside the user-friendly and high-tech carbon fiber composition, a constant 38 ºC temperature is provided up to two hours thanks to its clinically proven TransWarmer ® Infant Transport Mattress.

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BABY POD transports multiple babies safely and quickly

The Wiltshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust managed the movement of patients from the Princess Margaret Hospital in Swindon to the new Great Western Hospital Site a distance of 8 miles. The hospital clinical staff had experienced the problems involved in transporting babies in heavy and cumbersome transport incubators and the logistical problems of providing the specialist ambulances required for such multiple incubator movements.

The problem was solved by using the new Baby Pod Infant Transport System. Baby Pod provided not only a massive reduction in weight (from 120 to 9 kg) and the ability to provide a substantially improved level of safety for both baby and crew, but also the flexibility to mount the unit on any front line vehicle stretcher.

This enabled the entire movement of 11 babies aged between 3 and 24 days, with weights from 980 g to 2.2 kg and 5 babies aged between 3 hours and 3 days with weights from 2.04 kg to 3 kg to be completed within 4 hours.

Geoff Todd, Divisional Officer (North), of the Wiltshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust stated subsequently that “this innovative unit should be standard for all maternity units, its flexibility and the ability to mount it on any vehicle stretcher dramatically reduces the risk element of moving the large and heavy transport incubators”.

You can get in touch with our officials to get more information about the Baby Pod Infant Transport Device.

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ACENDIS together with our joint venture partner Almansourya participatet in the HOSPITAL BUILD & INFRASTRUCTURE MIDDLE EAST 2014 fair in Dubai. We used this opportunity to strenghten our ties to the Middle East and to present our products and projects to the visitors on our both, which was met with great interest.

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