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ACENDIS Product Line...
We continue to present innovations with our own products

Besides our work with all big manufacturers and important brands in the field of medical technology, ACENDIS products and accessoires are drawing more and more attention. In numerous special fields of medical technology like ENT, neurosurgery, neonatology and medical image processing our products combine state-of-the-art technology with maximum comfort.

Patient monitor

The flexible and intuitive ACENDIS APM-3000 is suitable for adult, pediatric and neonate patients. This 7" patient monitor shows all relevant physical parameters, such as ECG, NIBP, SpO2, resp and temp.
The patient monitor can display a maximum of 8 waveforms and show all parameter information monitored on the same screen.

Anaesthesia and ICU patient monitor

ACENDIS patient monitors are able to capture all monitoring information through post-operative care. Their functional and intuitive design helps to easily check all patient data. The APM-500 Series convinces with high mobility and touchscreen functionality.

  • Special design for acute care
  • 2 standard module slots for easy upgrade
  • 12.1" high resolution LCD display
  • Touchscreen
  • Lithium battery
  • 3/5 lead ECG, NIBP, SpO2, Temp

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ACENDIS AC-40 HD – Endoscopy Camera System with 3,5" LCD Device

High class endoscopy camera with digital signal processing and integrated video recorder for rigid / flexible ENT endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures. This device with its unique features provides physicians with maximum efficiency and comfort at the same time. For more information about this device and our ENT systems please contact ACENDIS.

ACENDIS Mobile Rhino Laryngoscope

ACENDIS fiber-optic nasopharyngoscope compound-lens optical system gives a clear image. The inlet pipe is very flexible, very thin and delivers precise results even in difficult to reach areas.

Endostore® Software for digital image documentation and archiving

Endostore® software offers its user the possibility to organise, to file and to edit the accumulated data from different image producing devices, such as endoscopy cameras or photo cameras (i.e. for microscopy), much faster and more flexible than before. It also helps you to relate those data to the matching patient. It is fully compatible with ACENDIS AC-40HD camera system.

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Brainsurgery Device ACENDIS PowerPrecision

Thanks to its patented motor technology, the Power-Precision can be operated at 90.000 rpm. Thanks to special alloy materials is provides an outstanding quality and because of its ergonomic design and reasonable priced consumables it offers a lot of advantages for its users.

We are looking forward to presenting you more of our products and services...

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ACENDIS and DELTA TRADE COMPANY attract attention with TURNKEY Hospital Projects of Gözde Sağlık Grubu

With a total of 8 hospitals in Malatya, Adıyaman and İzmir, Gözde Sağlık Grubu serves as one of the most powerful healthcare service providers in Turkey. Our cooperation with Gözde Sağlık Grubu started 2004 with Malatya Gözde Medical Center. Afterwards we realised projects with Malatya Gözde Hospital in 2006, Malatya Gözde Kışla Hospital in 2006, Malatya Gözde Akademi Hospital in 2010, Izmir Gözde Hospital in 2013 and Adıyaman Gözde Hospital and once again Malatya Gözde Akademi Hospital in 2014. Products from all our brands and manufacturers like Richard Wolf, Schiller, Codan Argus, Heinen + Löwenstein, Simeon and ACENDIS are being used by Gözde Sağlık Grubu with great success. We especially want to thank Dr. Kenan KALI, chairman of the board of the whole Gözde Sağlık Grubu, and Dr. İbrahim KARAMAN, chairman of the health department for their trust in us.

Hasan Sahin (CEO of ACENDIS) and Dr. İbrahim KaramanFrom left: Okan Özdemir (DELTA TRADE COMPANY), Dr. İbrahim Karaman (Gözde Sağlık Grubu) and Ali Türkoğlu (ACENDIS)

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ACENDIS attended the Saudi Health Fair in Riyadh

Together with our Joint Venture Partner Almansouryah we attended the “Saudi Health” Fair in Riad, capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from May 19th - 21st Our booth, where we presented our products and services, was met with great interest and we are looking forward to attending this event again next year.

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