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ACENDIS in Turkey presents: The anaesthesia and intensive care station “Elisa + Hypnos”

“Elisa + Hypnos” by Heinen + Löwenstein provides individual ventilation strategies for physicians treating patients with specific lung problems and intensive care patients. Thanks to the combination of an intensive respirator with the functional characteristics of an anaesthetic respirator, intensive medical ventilatory strategies can be continued intra-operatively and ventilation can be adjusted to suit the individual pulmonary situation.

  • 12" TFT touchscreen with a swivel-mounted and removable colour display (elisa)
  • Wide range of ventilation applications from newborn to adult / from IPPV to BiLevel
  • Innovative pre-oxygenation function to reduce oxygenation
  • determined dyselectasis
  • Comprehensive safety- and hygiene-concept Intuitive
  • operation
  • Automatic patient detection (APD)
  • Flexible and mobile device

The module “Hypnos”
“Hypnos” combines the Elisa ventilatory spectrum with the functional characteristics of an anaesthetic machine.

The compressor A40
The compressor A40 by Heinen + Löwenstein is an ideal accessory for the intensive ventilators elisa and sonata. The A40 can be used either as main or as a back-up gas supply. Yasam_hastane_sibina_life_hospital_antalya.jpg

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Antalya Life Hospital chose ACENDIS for the procurement of its medical devices

Antalya Life Hospital which has been founded in Antalya / Turkey gives service with its professional medical staff, the capacity of 90 beds and state-of -the-art medical devices. Especially for the operating theatres and the intensive care units, the hospital administration decided to rely on ACENDIS and the products of our partner companies Heinen + Löwenstein, Codan Argus, Schiller, Simeon, Derungs, Ardo und Aaron Bovie. We would like to thank them for their trust!

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All the way up 4 charity

On July 21st we had the pleasure to welcome some special guests at the ACENDIS headquarters, Hanover. The three motorcycle enthusiasts Philip Chircop, Joe Vella and Alfred Bugeja passed by on their way travelling from their home Malta all the way up to the North Cape in Norway. The trip which will last for 31 days and covers a distance of almost 15,000 kilometres is not only meant to be personal holidays.
During their trip the three men collect donations to help autistic children and their families back in Malta and raise the awareness for this illness. We were very glad to meet these impressive guys and wish them all the best for the rest of their journey.

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