MRI Compatible Products - ACENDIS News 10/2011


ACENDIS Transport Gurney TL 500 S MRT

Transport gurney with quick up/down side rails for patient safety during transport. MRT version will be equipped with plastic / stainless steel swivel casters.

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ACENDIS I.V. Stand / Drip stand

The product made of stainless steel provides high security through a turn safety pole construction.

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CAREvent® ATV+ & MRI Automatic Transport Ventilators

The CAREvent® ATV+ & MRI are pneumatically powered, time/volume cycled, intermittent positive pressure patient ventilators specifically designed for use by trained personnel in the pre-hospital, hospital, interhospital and air ambulance environments. They do not require batteries or any electrical supply to operate. The various modes of operation of the ventilators support the resuscitation and transportation of a wide range of patients (from infants to adults). The CAREvent® MRI contains no ferrous metals making it suitable for use in an MRI environment up to 3.0 Tesla.

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Safe day-to-day monitoring of MRI patients. MAGLIFE light is compatible with MRI equipment up to 3 Tesla and will match to all your monitoring requirements. Its sensors are suitable for all types of patients - adults, children, infants and neonates. MAGLIFE light is the ideal patient monitor for your routine MRI examinations. Compact and easy to use, MAGLIFE light does not require any installation procedure and is designed for daily use.

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A state-of-the-art monitoring system for MRI examinations. The new MAGLIFE Serenity guarantees highest ECG quality during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning – even under strongest gradient influence. It monitors all vital parameters during anaesthesia in an MRI environment and is specifically developed for adults, children and neonates.

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ACENDIS completed one of the Turn-Key Private Hospital Projects in Gaziantep

ACENDIS completed one of the Turn-Key Private Hospital Projects in Gaziantep. Kemal Bayindir Hospital chose to purchase the products of ACENDIS. We would like to thank the hospital administration who trusts in our long-time experience in realising Medical TURN-KEY Projects.

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