New ACENDIS branding

For more than 23 years, ACENDIS Handels GmbH has held an important position in the market as an internationally active and reliable project company.

In recent years, new business units and countries have become part of the company.
At the same time, constant technical progress requires our attention and adaptability on a daily basis.

ACENDIS would like to bravely approach these developments with a new image.
According to the saying of the famous philosopher Heraclitus, "The only constant in the universe is change," we will gradually renew our brand identity in the next few weeks.
First and foremost, we will have a new, more contemporary logo.
The new emblem combines elements of the past and the future.
It enables much better perception compared to the competition and fulfils new requirements across all media.

In this way, it supports the clear, self-confident, international ACENDIS brand, which stands for reliability but also maximum flexibility for the customer.
The new logo also reflects the successful past two decades.
Both the colouring and the typeface borrow from the previous logo.
At the same time, the linked letters reflect ACENDIS' close relationship with its customers and partners, without which the previous success would not have been possible.
This is further emphasised by our current slogan "Together. All the way."
Close cooperation with our customers and partners will continue to be the heart of our company.

We expect that the new image will convey this core brand and contribute to many more successful years.

On request, we will gladly provide our new logo in the required resolution and in the appropriate file format.

Please send queries directly to: marketing@acendis.eu

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